Speed Vent Power

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Sold as a pair. Comes in Short size only.

The Speed Vent Power can add a hypoxic effect to your workout.  Easily interchanged on any Powerbreather model.  As of March 2017, all Powerbreather models come with Speed Vent Easy.  Add the Speed Vent Medium and Power to your workout. Essentially, you are restricting your breather to create an effect of training at altitude.  With the Powerbreather, you are still only breathing fresh air.  This is very important.

There are many theories and even science on hypoxic training and the benefits.  From Ironman athletes at Kona, to those with Asthma, people swear by it. In fact, the making of the Power Speed Vent was from direct feedback and requests from some of the worlds top triathletes.  It is favored and endorsed by many, yet discouraged by others and not for everyone.  It is recommended you consult with a swim coach, your doctor, and do your own research before taking on a training regiment that includes the Speed Vent Power.