Restube LED-light

The Restube LED light is equipped with our well-tried Restube Reflective tape and a additional extra bright LED. It does not matter if you are out in a bad weather or at night your visibility is guaranteed. Reflects and shines, if necessary – for more freedom and water safety. Whether you participate at a swim night or you are training at dusk your Restube can be used as illuminated drag buoy.

Leading Lifesaving organizations developed the Drowning Chain of Survival for teaching and public relations. It states raising attention the second most important step to safe lifes after prevention and Restube LED light does exactly that. With that in mind you can go watersports with a safe feeling.

Restube LED light for more freedom and water safety.

The Restube LED light can be mounted on any of our buoys.

  • Dimensions: (lxw) 95 mm x 50 mm
  • Weight: 8g
  • at least 80 h of light
  • replaceable LED unit (shock- and waterproof)
  • press button: three modes (fast, slow strobe, continuous, off)