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AMEO Powerbreather Lap

AMEO Powerbreather Lap

The Lap Edition is suitable for Swimming pools, swimmers who are focusing on flip turns in their training, and calm open water.


The only difference in the the Lap and the Wave model is the Lap does not have the Long Speedvents for more wave like conditions or a swimmer who likes to sink low with their stroke.   It also comes with a soft case (instead of the hard case with long tube slots for the Wave model)  See Compare Chart

INNOVATION for swimmers of all levels, triathletes & snorkeling.  (Not for diving with a regulator)

  • The Powerbreather works with any stroke on facing down, crawl, breast, butterfly, even side stoke. 
  • Each breath is 100% pure, dry air, there is no CO2 from your exhalation as with a standard snorkel. Breath comes in from the top, and out the bottom.
  • No water comes in the top tubes.  It is closed off unless you are breathing in.  You can hold your breath, go underwater, and no water will enter the tubes.
  • Saliva will not build up like a normal snorkel, no gurgling.  You simply inhale, exhale normally and any liquid will just flush out without notice.


Speed Vent

Modular 2-way ventilation system for constant dry, oxygen-rich air. Different styles for different training goals and settings.

Easy Fit Air Junction

Quick attachment with maximum fit and wearing comfort.

Twist Lock System

Comfortably adjusts to fit head and accommodate most swimming goggles.


D-shaped profile for maximum comfort, optimal airflow (inside), and minimal flow resistance (outside).


Kit Contents



(attachment for flip turn or rough open water)

(for flip turns)



    Flip Caps:

    • On occasion, as a swimmer takes a breath as they make their flip turn, we had found some water seep into the tubes.  The Flip Caps, that slide over the Speedvent, prevent this from occuring.  We therefore recommend the flip cap for those doing fast flip turns.  
    • We also recommend the Flip Cap for choppy water as just a layer of protection to prevent water from seeping in.
    • Recommended for triathlons with crowds where rough water and splashing occur.

    Blind Cap: 

    The blind cap has 2 functions:

    • For those with very fast flip turns who may experience a little water coming in, we have the put this blind cap on one side.  The left side if you flip left or the right side if you flip right.  This is not needed by most, but on rare occasion, we've found this final piece needed.
    • Provides a slight hypoxic effect for those seeking to strengthen their lungs in training.  

    Swimming with PowerBreather

    • Breathing is steady,  as you would normally, enjoying pure oxygen.
    • You'll find increased awareness to the environment beneath you as you don't need to focus on your how you breath, it will feel very natural.
    • You will also find more awareness to your stroke, your technique, and form.
    • Fits any head from about 10 years old and up.  Fully adjustable for a snug fit.
    • Our Powerbreather USA YouTube Channel for Videos on how to fit, use, & flip turn.

    Who's using a PowerBreather?

    Jan Frodeno
    World and European champion 2015 IRONMAN
    Trained since 2014 regularly with the PowerBreather

    Thomas Lurz
    Twelve-time world champion
    Olympic silver medalist in 2012

    Steffen Deibler
    World record holder 50m butterfly

    • Anyone working on their swimming technique, strength, endurance, & respiratory muscle training.
    • Using a PowerBreather is legal in USAT (USA Triathlon) regulations and may be used.  However, while many Ironman athletes train with a PowerBreather, no snorkel is allowed in Ironman events.  


    • Weight (with SPEEDVENT S): 220 grams / 7.8 oz
    • Dimensions: 365mm x 198mm x 38mm /  14.5" x  7.75" x  1.5"

    Powerbreather Owner's Manual