Speed Vent Easy - Short

Speed Vent Easy - Short has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.

Sold as a pair.  Available in Short or Long.

Fits any model.  This is the standard Speed Vent Easy included with all new Powerbreather models as of March 2017.  It is sold at a reduced price as a courtesy for those with Powerbreather purchased previous to the release.  Previous models would have come with an equivalent to a Speed Vent Medium (a little harder to breathe).

Short -

  • Standard for general swimming.

Long - 1 1/8' longer than the short.

  • If you swim very low in the water and need extra clearance.
  • If you want that little extra when coming up from your flip turn to get air sooner.
  • If you are in wave like conditions where having your Speed Vents higher above the surface will help keep clearance.