Speed Vent Easy Request Form

If you purchased a Powerbreather before June of 2017, you may have the original Powerbreather that includes the Speed vent Medium.  We now sell 3 Speed vents as accessories, Easy, Medium, and Power. All Powerbreather now come with Speed vent Easy.  If you are happy with your Medium (many are), no need to fix it.  If you want to breathe easier, you may qualify to getting a Speed Vent Easy replacement:

Small request.  Please give us a review on Amazon!!  

  • Hopefully you love the Powerbreather and give us 5 stars!  But no rules there, write your own review.
  • Send us a link to your review, or screen shot, or copy of it... 
  • Fill out this form.
  • Only the short Speed Vent qualifies for a free shipment.  

That's it!  Thanks!  If you don't love your Powerbreather, please let us know.  

How do you tell if you have the easy?



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