Snorkel Trade In Program

Snorkel Trade In Program!

We know the Powerbreather is a big investment.  You're getting the most advanced technology on the market for a snorkel.  German Engineered and Award winning! 

We feel so strongly that you will benefit in health, fitness, and enjoyment from the Powerbreather, we're willing to take yours in on trade.

Here's how it works:

Any snorkel can be traded in in any condition.
Finis front snorkel, general snorkel, even the new dangerous full face masks!

How it works:
1) Purchase a Fresh Air Powerbreather on
2) Get your order number from your email.
3) Fill out this form. You will get an email with a reference number.
4) Send your snorkel to us with that reference number.
** We MUST receive it within 30 days of your purchase.
5) We will credit your credit card (or Paypal account)

Then check your email with the return address for your snorkel.
Fill out this form and help us spread the word!

online form.