Out with the old in with the new 

Out with the old in with the new. If you are a full face mask owner, Powerbreather USA is giving you the opportunity to try out and upgrade to a brand new AMEO Powerbreather.

An AMEO Powerbreather provides many benefits when compared to most full face mask snorkel designs. The fresh air design avoids any carbon dioxide build up in the snorkel and can safely be removed quickly in an emergency situation. A Powerbreather can also be used to swim aerobically and with your own goggles, eliminating fogging issues that can occur in full face masks.

How does it work?

  • Take a picture of your full face mask snorkel 
  • Send the image to info@powerbreatherusa.com or message us on facebook


  • We will then send you a coupon code worth $25.00 to purchase a Powerbreather on Powerbreather USA

Issues with full face masks

  • Carbon dioxide builds up - not breathing fresh air. Causes fatigue and is dangerous over time (Google: Full face mask deaths)
  • Only suitable for snorkelling on the surface, can't dive down.
  • Unable to hold nose and equalize pressure
  • Not one size fits all design

Open to an innovation that solves these issues and more?

With a Powerbreather you can:

  • Dive down to the underwater wildlife with ease.
  • Swim long distance/snorkel safely for hours
  • Swim at high intensity for a workout without turning your head.
  • Breathe 100% fresh air - no carbon dioxide build up
  • No gurgling or purging, water and saliva just drain out.
  • One size fits all adjustable design
  • Fits with all swimming and diving goggles




Casual Snorkeling on the water surface

Clear view of surroundings

Breathe 100% Fresh air - Carbon Dioxide Free

Suitable for diving under water - not just swimming on the surface

Able to hold nose and equalise air pressure

One size fits all

Swim long distance

Use your own googles - easy to fix if you get fog

Swim at high intensity

Powerbreather Beach

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