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Case Pack: 10 per model.

Powerbreather Compare Chart Items: 

  • Speedvent S (short) - Standard vent for the Powerbreather.  Use it for pools or mild open water.  Included with all models.  Caps slide on to this accessory.
  • Speedvent L (long) - Extended vent for the Powerbreather.  Use it in choppy water to maintain consistent dry air flow.  Good for swimmers who have their head well below the surface.  Caps slide onto the Speedvent.
  • Flip Cap - this vent cap slides over the Speedvents making it less susceptible to water entering the air tube during choppy conditions and flip turns.
  • Case - All models include a case. 
  • Cressi Perla Mask -  a diving mask for snorkeling. Comes with Powerbreather Beach edition.