Flip Cap / Wave Cap - Replacement Part

Sold as a pair.  The FLIP / WAVE caps slide on to the top of the Speedvents and snap into place.  They are not needed to use the Powerbreather (PB) but aid in preventing water from entering the tubes in certain conditions.  

Water can enter the Powerbreather in 2 ways:

  1. Waves, splashing... The PB is designed to only open up when inhaling air, at that second, water could enter.  
  2. Flip turns... for some, doing a flip turn and timing the breathing can cause the vents to open slightly for a second, long enough to let some water in.  Though with practice, this can be avoided.

For either of these scenarios, we've found the FLIP Cap to aid in preventing water from entering the Powerbreather.  In many cases, people don't need it for choppy water, but it does help in bigger wave conditions.  And flip turns, same here, not everyone needs them, but they do help.  


Tip: What to do if water enters the Powerbreather:

Simply exhale slowly and evenly, and the tubes will drain out from your mouth piece.