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The video below shows you how to do a flip turn with a Powerbreather. The ability for swimmers to do flip turns is one of Powerbreather's greatest benefits, allowing for more effective training in the pool.

Flip Turns: The core rules to flip turns and keeping water out.
  • Get used to the Powerbreather swimming before doing flip turns.
  • Practicing flip turns separately first.
  • Breath in enough air shortly before flip turn,
  • Kick off in face down position, not laterally (See Video)
  • Exhale lightly and normally through the mouth after kicking off from the wall in face-down position, all If completed properly, flip caps may not be necessary, just breath in when you surface.
  • Water exits the Powerbreather through gravity and light exhale. Don't try to force out like a regular snorkel, just exhale easy.

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