Pink Powerbreather Announced!

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AMEO has announced the new Pink Edition for March 2019

Making new colors has been discussed since the first Powerbreather, but new colors cost a lot of money at the manufacturing level and not as simple as one might hope.  Many swimmers who enjoy open water swim trekking or outdoor adventure swimming have requested a brighter color to be seen easier by boats and friends on shore.  The decision for Pink caters to both a few customer desires and has been well received.



There will not be additional accessory parts available yet, like the Long, Medium, or Power speed vents in pink and AMEO hopes to release more colors in years to come as the success of the Powerbreather fresh air snorkel has gained traction amongst recreational swimmers globally allowing people to swim further, with greater ease, all while getting fresh air (not mixed with circulated air as with a traditional front or side snorkel).  Available as a limited edition as a Sport model on the Powerbreather site.




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